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Lost in the Sea of Good Intentions

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As I look back over my blog and notes I am shocked at the fact that more than 3 months have passed since my last post. In that time I have completed my internship, readied my classroom, been surprised at the last minute by changes in my class schedule, and bowled over by much larger class sizes than anticipated. Now… Read more »

Work in progress…

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As an avid knitter, I have a whole plastic bin full of WIPs (works in progress). Creative ideas come fast and furious and my addiction to fun patterns and natural fibers means I have lots of things in progress. I keep telling myself that THIS is the year that I won’t buy anything new but just finish what I’ve started…. Read more »

And so it begins…

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Thursday and Friday of last week were the first two days of fifteen that I will spend with Union Power Cooperative as part of my internship. As with the beginning of any new adventure, these days were a combination of information overload, physical exhaustion, and excitement about the possibilities. Day 1 started with, appropriately, a safety meeting. The meeting covered… Read more »


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It is hard to select just one highlight from this amazing week of Professional Development! If I reflect on Stephen Covey’s private victory and the four quadrants, there is one for each easily definable. Mind: This area, by far, is the one that has been most (over)stimulated, stretched, and challenged! The sheer volume of information received this week is astounding…. Read more »

The Fire Hose is Real

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As I sit reflecting on the first three days of the 2019 Summer Institute I find myself experiencing a myriad emotions and thoughts. The sheer volume of information I have received in this short period feels like trying to take a drink from a fire hose. Some of it has hit me hard and smack in my face, other parts… Read more »