What do you hope to gain from your fellowship experience?

My name is Rebecca Bozkurt. I teach Science/Biology at Lee County High School (Lee Seniors) in Sanford, NC. In this blog I will describe my experiences as a Kenan Fellow, reflect on practices, and share resources.

During Kenan Fellowship I hope that I am going to  learn from other educators in the state to improve my teaching practice. 

First week of Kenan Fellowship, started at the beautiful NCCAT facility in, NC. I learned a lot form my fellows educator. At the end of one week I felt these educators know what they are doing.  they  already know a lot about their subject area and tech tools for their classroom. They are actively using a lot of apps which I did not hear about most of them.

I know there is a lot learn and implement in my classroom to become a leader teacher, and I have a good start. 

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