The week at NCCAT with KENAN Fellow

The week at NCCAT with KENAN fellow was very inspiring. I had learned a lot, it was fun and engaging and it was relevant what we are doing in classroom. This week’s PD, opportunities compared to others I have been to was amazing.  I learned a lot from Kenan fellows steering committee, and I learned a lot from my fellow cohort as well. They were ready to share what they have been doing in their classroom and what worked for them and what to avoid.

            Monday was a good start, it was easy transition for me, we high light what we are going to do during the week and what will focus on each day.

Tuesday kind of hard, in one point I felt burning in my brain, there was a lot information to soak in and absorb. I learned a lot , I learned about computational thinking and I want to start using flipped classroom ideas. I already knew that my technology knowledge is not good enough for this century and I learned a lot. As Mr. Cancellieri said I will take one step each day to improve my tech side.

           Wednesday was a great day for scavenger hunt.  I love to move.  Sitting down all day receiving information does serve a purpose, but when providedwith the opportunity to get up and move and still learn equates to awesome for me. I think I will use this method in my classroom, GooseChase and iNaturalist is going to be my app to take to my classroom. I like scavenger hunt, it is not because my team got first place, I was able to observe myself in a group work. As I see, I am not a leader but I am a good team member trying to cheer my leader and follow her direction to reach our goal. Sometimes it is notabout who is going to lead, it is about moving further together till last minute.

Thursday was a good opportunity for us to meet with our team member for professional development. I am sure I will keep in touch with my Kenan Fellow but this team will be my help during producing my Kenan Fellows Product. EdCamp was great I learned App Smashing and it is on my top 10 list to use in my classroom.

             Friday was short and meaningful, I love my postcard from my steering committee, they have been a great help during the week and at the end they were the one who remind us stay positive and as they said “ Sometimes we are going to be the only cheer leaders for our success.“.

(Note; I had some technical difficulties and I am trying to catch up with my blogs. Sorry for the    delay).

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