The Journal of Interdisciplinary Teacher Leadership (JoITL) publishes original work on research, best practices, professional learning, and leadership in K-12 education. The peer-reviewed journal offers educators the opportunity to share effective instructional strategies across the curriculum as well as ways to build leadership capacity to shape teacher voice in and beyond the classroom.

Journal History

The first issue was published in 2016 in response to a group of teacher leaders in the Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership alumni network who were seeking a new venue for publishing academic work. They envisioned a journal that would hold to high standards in research and scholarship, and be of value to researchers as well as reflective practitioners.


JoITL is a publication of the Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership.


The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership is a K-12 education initiative of the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science at N.C. State University.

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