JoITL Vol 1, No 1

PDF of Vol. 1, No. 1.The Journal of Interdisciplinary Teacher Leadership (JoITL) is a peer-reviewed publication featuring original work on educational topics from research to pedagogy to policy and beyond. It is grounded in the belief that education benefits from diversity of thought and the crossing of disciplinary boundaries. With this in mind, JoITL is designed to engage the scholarship of a wide cross-section of education professionals and provide a space for sharing both research and practice. The five articles in this inaugural edition well reflect the vision of diversity and inclusion in which JoITL is grounded.

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Table of Contents

To Our Readers

To Our Readers
Elaine Franklin


The Case for Explicit Instruction of the Nature of Science in Secondary Science Education through the Incorporation of the History and Philosophy of Science
Brian Cartiff

Engineering Imagination with Ideation
Rebecca Hite, Gail Jones, Jesse S. Jur

Walking the Walk: An Integrated STEM Project for Elementary Teachers
Sarah J Carrier, Valerie N Faulkner, Laura Bottomley

Literature Review

Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching and Young Learners
Katherine Baker

Level Up Intrinsic Motivation Using Gamification and Game-Based Learning
Cindy Bullard


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