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A Day in the Life: Exploring Biomanufacturing Careers

Activity 1: Class Review: Biomanufacturing

Preparation Instructions

Load the Power Point Presentation titled “Biomanufacturing” on a computer connected to a projector. In addition, the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research (NCABR) website has a Power Point presentation dedicated to how Biopharmaceutical Products are produced and on Biomanufacturing in North Carolina. This presentation spotlights several North Carolina companies and the products they make. Also, the NCABR has produced a series of videos that highlight careers in biomanufacturing. These videos are accessible on their website:

Run copies of the student handout, or have students use their own notebook paper to take notes during the presentation.

Teacher Instructions

Use the Power Point to introduce students to how Biomanufacturing works and the types of careers that are available in this industry. In addition, Batch Records and Good Manufacturing are other topics that will be used within other activities that are a part of this lesson.

Extension Activities

As an extension to this introduction, the teacher may wish to assign the groups (recommend 2-4 students per group) and have them develop a name and logo for a fictitious biomanufacturing company. Students can adopt this name and logo to represent their group when results are shared. Instructions for this activity can be found in the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research (NCABR) publication titled Mapping Your Future: Exploring Careers in Biomanufacturing.