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A Day in the Life: Exploring Biomanufacturing Careers



The activities will require students to use computers for internet research, power point presentations and videos. The activities will also incorporate computer skills, such as spreadsheets to track and analyze data from the experiments. Students will also utilize various forms of Biotechnology equipment, such as microscopes, micropipettes and incubators. The teacher should have access to a computer/projector or DVD/TV system for showing presentations and video clips.

Critical Vocabulary

Students should have a broad understanding of biotechnology and the products that are made as a result of applying this science. An introduction to cells, proteins and enzymes is recommended. In addition, the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research (NCABR) has a series of Power Point Presentations that correlates with their curriculum Mapping Your Future: Careers in Biomanufacturing.


North Carolina State University Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC)
Learn more about the biomanufacturing process and degree programs available.

North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research
Download a copy of the Mapping Your Futures curriculum from this website. Eight Power Point presentations correlate with the curriculum.
Download short career videos as well as teacher educational materials guides, lesson plans, handouts and worksheets.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Download the Biotechnology Career Publication to learn more about careers in biomanufacturing.

North Carolina Biotechnology Center
Learn more about the biomanufacturing industry in North Carolina. Select the Resource Center to download and print publications.

Newton’s Apple TV
Use the teacher’s guide, activity and video to create an extension activity on the fermentation process and bread making.