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Sustainable Forestry: Promising Foresty for Centuries

Lesson 5: Forestry Management


Course: Environmental and Natural Resources I

Unit H: The Role of Forests in the Environment


Competency: EN 29.00 Demonstrate proper forest management techniques.


Objective: EN 29.03 Describe cutting and reproducing techniques used in the forest industry to improve forest quality.

Goals for the Lesson:

  • Students will identify intermediate cuttings and harvest cuttings.
  • Students will compare and contrast thinning, prescription burning, liberation, sanitation cuttings, salvage cutting, and tree removal.
  • Students will describe shelterwood cutting and seed-tree cutting.
  • Students will identify coppice cutting.
  • Students will identify the advantages and disadvantages of clear cutting.
  • Students will understand reproduction of a forest through natural seeding, direct seeding, cuttings, and seedlings.
  • Students will reproduce a tree.
Classroom Time Required: 

2, 90-minute class periods

Materials Need: 

Setting: Classroom

  • Forest Site Pictures
  • Forest Management Presentation
  • Lorax and Truax Debate
  • Smokey the Bear
  • Forest Management Proposal Sheet
  • Forest Site Management Questions