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Sustainable Forestry: Promising Foresty for Centuries

Lesson 3: Tree Identification


Course: Environmental and Natural Resources I:

Unit H: The Role of Forests in the Environment


Objective: EN 29.01 Identify common North Carolina trees based on physical characteristics.


Competency: EN 29.00 Demonstrate

proper forest management techniques.


Goals for the Lesson:

  • Students will identify common trees of North Carolina.
  • Students will identify anatomical structures of leaves and stems.
  • Students will use a dichotomous key to identify trees of North Carolina.
  • Students will create a tree identification portfolio.
Classroom Time Required: 

2, 90-minute class periods

Materials Need: 

Setting: Classroom and media lab with computers for each child (if school does not have enough computers, materials can be printed off and made copies for each child or groups of students)

  • Tree Finder: A manual for the Identification of Trees by Their Leaves (Nature Study Guide)
  • Tree Leaf Identification Crossword
  • Tree Leaf Identification Crossword Key
  • Common Trees of North Carolina Book
  • Common Trees of North Carolina PPT