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Sustainable Forestry: Promising Foresty for Centuries

Lesson 2: Tree Anatomy


Course: Environmental Natural Resources I:

Unit H: The Role of Forests the Environment


Objective: EN 28.02


Competency: EN 28.00

Describe the role of forests and their growth in the environment and society.

  • Students will identify the root system, trunk, and crown of a tree.
  • Students will identify the anatomical components of the root system, trunk, and crown.
  • Students will understand the functions of the roots, trunk, and crown.
  • Students will identify and understand the internal anatomy of the roots, trunk, and crown.
  • Students will be able to identify the annual rings of a tree and determine a tree’s age and its environmental history.
Classroom Time Required: 

90 minute classes

Materials Need: 

Setting: Classroom and Trees outdoors

  • Tree Roots (1 per student)
  • Tree Roots Teacher Key
  • Tree Roots Notes
  • Tree Trunks (1 per student)
  • Tree Trunks Key
  • Anatomy of a Tree Trunk
  • Tree Trunk Info
  • Tree Crown (1 per student)
  • Tree Cookie for every three or four students (A cookie is a cut cross section of wood at least one inch thick and two inches in diameter)
  • Calculators for Tree Trunk Activity
  • Trees 12-20 feet in height
  • Flagging or another sort of tape that will stick to wood and you can visibly write on it
  • Variety of fruits and flowers from trees
  • Stem with leaves (preferably with pronounced lenticels-breathing pores)