The personal remote learning (PRL) plan that I developed was based off of my trip to Singapore with Burroughs Welcome Fund (BWF).  It was awesome to be able to experience an educational model different from that of the US and to discuss these differences with my colleagues when I returned home.  I wrote an OpEd about my experiences in Singapore that will be published on EdNC soon, and I also gave a short presentation to the staff.  Both of these things have increased my credibility as an educator and have helped me to develop my leadership skills at school.  This is all tying in with the data literacy course I’m taking, which is also helping me to develop my teacher credibility so that I can enact positive change in my school and larger education community.

This coming week I will also be finishing up the implementation of my curriculum product and will be observed by Amneris on Friday.  Even though I’m only halfway through the implementation, I already have what seems like thousands of little changes I need to make to my lessons.  No matter how long you’ve been teaching you will never get a lesson right on the first try; you need to have students actually run through it so that they can find all your mistakes.  I’m very excited to get started on revising my draft because I think now that I’ll have some truly fantastic plans that are both teacher and student friendly.

What I really have enjoyed about the Kenan Fellowship is the ability to make the experience suit your own needs for growth.  There’s  a lot of independence and room for personal creativity, which is awesome.  I love that I was able to choose PRL activities that met my personal goals and to design my curriculum product exactly the way I wanted.

Kenan Fellows Allows for Individual Choice – comments on PRL and Implementation

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