My Product- The challenges and successes

I have really seen the important skills my students need to be successful in their career.  I’m trying to incorporate all those important skills in an engaging lesson for my kindergarteners!  It is quite the task!  

There are challenges I feel like I am facing due to teaching kindergarten.  I want to make it real world, but it does have to be on their level.  How do I get them to understand cultural differences, the importance of math, communication, and how to be problem solvers?  There are tons of ideas for the upper grades, but fewer for the lower grades.  I’m trying to find the balance to write a lesson that challenges them, but do not leave them feeling defeated.  I want to make it as real world as I can for them.

There are also successes as I plan this product.  I’m already teaching skills they need for the real world and their career.  I just need to incorporate real world situations into my teaching and challenge them more.  My goal for this year is to make my kindergarteners problem solvers and this experience has confirmed the importance of that skill!

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