My internship experience…


I had a wonderful internship experience.  Everyone was so kind and really took the time to teach me about their department and the role it plays into the big picture of Keihin.

My most interesting moment was when I was actually out on the floor.  I was amazed at the technology of the machines.  The floor is very organized, but very fast paced.  Everyone was working hard to meet production numbers.  I was very surprised to see “offices” on the production floor.  I’ve learned that communication and problem solving is made easier that way.  

My biggest challenge was relating my internship experience to my classroom.  I teach kindergarten, so I had the task of “watering” it down for my students.  I wanted to make it applicable to my students, while keeping the experience authentic.  

I was fortunate to see all departments of Keihin.  Everyone was so knowledgeable at what they did and really opened my eyes to the world of manufacturing.  You don’t realize the amount of responsibilities a department is responsible for until you sit in with them.  It didn’t take me long to see the importance of each department communicating with each other and how they tie in together.  

My biggest take away from my internship is the importance of communication, teamwork, and being a problem solver.  The employees at Keihin have to be all of these in order for the business to be successful.  I’m ready to go back to my classroom and instill all of these important skills.

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