Summer Internship and Classroom Curriculum Connections

I definitely experienced connections between my internship and classroom curriculum.  It was awesome to see those skills play out in the work force.  

One connection was the math skills taught.  I teach kindergarten math, so the magnitude of math is different, but the important of foundational math skills was evident.  We work on reading graphs and I saw different types of graphs all through my internship. 

Another connection was the technology skills.  We use technology to teach everyday in the classroom.  I feel as though our students are pretty strong in this skill.

Communication and being a team player takes place in my classroom and curriculum everyday.  In order for Keihin to be successful, these skills were extremely important.  Even though these skills are taught and reinforced daily in the classroom, I plan to do more to strengthen them in my students.  

It was refreshing to see these skills play out with adults and knowing that we are the ones who have been chosen to teach these skills to our future generations of working adults! 

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