Friday, July 15

I feel this whole experience was a success for me. I had an opportunity to work in a team, practice PBL learning, and reach an end goal that was out of my comfort zone. It also was a great reminder of how students feel going through a project with team members with varying skills.

A challenge that I have had during the internship experience is understanding and implementing the engineering design process. This project was the first time I have had the opportunity to go through the EDP, and it took some time for me to fully understand the process. Being able to actually go through the process with other teachers really helped me learn.

In the end I really enjoyed the whole experience. I feel like I had a chance to grow as a person and an educator. The program gave me some great hands on experience, and a chance to work in a team to work towards an end goal. I think our team was very successful in working together and creating a wearable device that can be very beneficial.

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