Friday, July 22

My internship experience was a fantastic. I think the most interesting moment for me was having an opportunity to visit the lab that did testing for rescue workers. As someone who volunteers at a fire department, it was very interesting to see the lab where the tested/created materials for firefighters.

My biggest challenge came during the lectures by science professors. I am a math/computer guy, so during those presentations it was a bit difficult to follow. I have never really worked with electrical engineering concepts, so that was a big hurdle for me.

Working with Dr. Veety and Dr. Jur was amazing. They were great individuals to work with, and I learned a lot from them. Working with them and touring different labs across NC State opened my eyes to a different world of research that I was unaware of. Honestly, I wish I had an opportunity to take all these tours when I was 18 years old.

My biggest take away from this internship was the teamwork I had with my team, and others in the program. Everyone involved was willing to help with the projects and talk about teaching strategies they use in the classrooms. In the end, I was very happy I had a chance to participate in this program, and I was also very happy in our team’s end product. An awareness device for rescue workers to help monitor air quality.

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