My internship experience


Me & Dr. Jur

My  most interesting moment during my internship at NC State’s ASSIST center was using the 3D printer and visiting the textiles labs. I have wanted a 3D printer for my class for a few years now.  I’m glad I was given the opportunity to learn how to operate a 3D printer. Another interesting moment was going to the textiles lab and learning how students were screen printing electric circuits. My biggest challenge was learning how to code, I know with continued practice I will be able to teach basic coding to my students.  I was also grateful for having the opportunity to visit various departments and labs. I was most intrigued by the knitting machines in the textiles labs.  I worked with two mentors Dr. Veety from the ASSIST center and Dr. Jurr from the textiles department, but had the opportunity to meet many professionals working at NC state.  Dr. Jurr was a great mentor, it was Dr. Jurr who suggested we visit his textiles labs and get assistance with our perfect posture flex sensor shirt. My biggest takeaway for my internship experience was no doubt learning how to code, screen printing electric circuits, and learning how to operate a 3D printer.  I’m grateful for having a chance to experience the Kenan Fellows program.