My Personal Remote Learning (PRL) plan

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Having the opportunity to collaborate with two other Kenan Fellows over several months was a great opportunity. I was able to receive valuable feedback on my Wearable Devices lesson plan and provide valuable feedback on their lesson plans during our face to face meetings and from our remote learning opportunities. My collaboration with other Kenan Fellows has broadened my professional network and allowed me to incorporate new and relevant strategies into my instructional practices. During the last PRL, I gained really valuable information to assist with developing and completing my Wearable Devices lesson plan. The Peer reviews, brainstorming and editing of lesson plans by both team members was valuable and appreciated. The KFP Professional Learning program has been more beneficial to me than other professional development I have had in the past because it allowed continuous collaboration and feedback over the course of several months. Most professional development is a one day experience with very little feedback or follow-up. I appreciated the ongoing process of the Professional Learning program. It allowed me to take what I learned, implement in the classroom, and share my findings and thoughts with my colleagues and pick their brains for ideas and suggestions.