My Mentor Partnership at NC State

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My mentor partnership at NC State through the Kenan Fellow program was a great opportunity and means a great deal to me. I have made valuable connections with great professional individuals at NC State, I hope to continue to network and collaborate with my mentors throughout my career.  I was able to work with two mentors, Dr. Veety from the ASSIST center and Dr. Jurr from the College of Textiles.  Both of my mentors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it was time to 3D print, I had never used a 3D printer before so their assistance was greatly appreciated.  My mentors allowed me to work alone in my wearable devices cohort.  They checked in on us periodically to monitor our success and provide feedback. My two mentors had a lasting impact during and after my experience.  I want to pursue my Ph.D. in textiles at NC State so my two mentors exposed me to departments and projects that their students were working on that were very innovative and intriguing. As I mentioned before I plan to continue to collaborate with my mentors after the fellowship ends. I have already brought my fall fashion merchandising students to the College of Textiles to see some of the innovative textiles projects they are producing.


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