That “light bulb” moment






Once I introduced my students to the Idea of smart clothing and wearable devices they were very Intrigued.  I heard comments Like “I never knew there was clothing and stuff out here that could do that”  and “How did the make that?” My students were very excited when I explained the project I helped to develop during my Kenan Fellowship this summer.  I described how my team members and I developed a wearable device in the form of a shirt that measured your posture and gave you a bit of a vibration when you were not demonstrating the proper posture.  I ask my students if creating a wearable device would be something they wold be interested in trying to make, of course they were ready to get started right away. After showing the related videos I heard more “Oh Ok’s”. I thought this is great they are interested and excited. Once I guided my students through the basic programming steps using a prewritten code they were ready to manipulate the prewritten codes to create their own codes.  Once students were able to get their code uploaded they were excited about seeing the LEDs blink at different rates of succession.  I’m glad I learned how to create basic coding during my Kenan Fellowship and can now continue to develop my skills and teach my students how to code LilyPads.