Pearls of Self-Evaluation

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In 2016 Kenan Fellows worked to create individualized Personal Remote Learning Plans. The process required much personal reflection and an objective evaluation of where I am as a teacher. The PRL Plan might be the most valuable aspect of my Kenan Fellowship experience.

No other professional development in my past helped creat this type of detailed professional growth plan. The process caused me to reflect on areas needing improvement as well as existing strengths. I have focused on developing skills that help students improve the nature of their questions. I implemented the Question Formulation Technique ( and worked with Honors Biology students to help them ask higher order thinking questions. The sessions proved very productive.

Through the process I also began to recognize my untapped leadership skills. I began to assume more leadership roles around school. My role as a leader was growing when Matthew hit Raleigh and flooded our beautiful school ( . Of course, we were devastated. For me, it became imperative to step up and take on additional responsibilities to ease student transition to our temporary home. By volunteering to take on carpool duty I have freed up time for other teachers to prepare for our students. By leading the way in establishing smart lunches for our kids I helped students improve their chances of experiencing success.

My willingness to step up and take on additional roles is a direct result of my Personal Remote Learning plan. Had I not gone through the process my leadership skills may have gone untapped and I would not be leading by example. Thanks to the PRL and my Kenan Fellowship the way I look at my role as an educator has changed, I feel more empowered.