Ed Foo Day 4 Goodbyes

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Ed Foo Day 4 Goodbyes

How do you describe the most amazing conference you ever attended? I begin by declaring this, not a conference, but a weekend camp. We were campers after all, on an outing to discover challenges

My transformation began on the first night. My conversations on Friday night let me know right away this was different. I fear any attempt to explain what happened this weekend will sound campy, hokey or absurd. A bunch of people with different interests all interested in education and the future of education. The connections, laughter and comradery were invigorating. The laidback format and organic nature of the gathering led to more epiphanies than any event I have ever attended.

My Ed Foo notebook is full and my heart even more full. Thank you, campers, for listening to an old teacher’s ideas and taking an interest. Thank you, campers, for sharing your passion and ideas. Thank you, campers for helping me grow when I was exhausted from a most challenging year. Thank you, campers for helping me remember why I do what I do every day. And, thank you campers for sharing your passion for education.

Thank you, Google, MacMillan Publishing, Riley Publishing, and Sesame Street for your generous support of this important opportunity to grow, learn and share. Thanks to all the organizers for their hard work (Cat you totally rock). Thank you, Russell for inviting me.

Finally, an invitation. If any of my Ed Foo family is ever in Raleigh or near Raleigh, please let me know. I would love to show off Vernon Malone College and Career Academy. Do not worry about lodging, you can stay at my house and sample my awesome cooking!

Post Script: When my Kenan blogs end this spring, I will continue blogging with a focus on how Ed Foo impacts my classrooms, planning, school and students. Please follow along and see the influence you had on education at my school.