Ed Foo: Day 1

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Ed Foo: Day 1

San Jose, California

There is something refreshing about being three time zones away from home and work. When I first woke up this morning my mind immediately turned to what my ‘must do’ list that runs on a cius loop in my head. Then it occurred to me that I could not do most of what was on my mind because I was physically too far away. So, I took a shower.

After hunting down some breakfast I returned to my poolside patio room and decided to relax and savor the moment. The savoring did not last long. Freed of the weight of the daily ‘must do’ list, my mind wandered to all the other, frequently unattended, goals and wishes. Dare I call it my ‘wish to do’ list?

Ed Foo promises to challenge, inspire and hopefully, open a flood gate of creativity. With any luck, starting to night and continuing through the weekend, I will participate in collaborative efforts that impact learning for others in a positive way. As of now, I cleared my mind of expectations, put the ‘must do’ list on hold, and am enjoying playing with the ‘wish to do’ list.