About My Fellowship

I teach science classes at Vernon Malone College and Career Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our school is housed in a building that once served as a Coca Cola bottling plant, a plant I visited on a fifth grade field trip! This fabulous facility provides students with a comfortable environment specifically designed to encourage student collaboration.

My career as a professional educator began at the University of Colorado. I taught Psychology and Statistic courses to undergraduates and graduate students. I took a break from teaching to help start two different breweries and a food service company. During that time I dearly missed teaching. Ten years ago I was at the right place at the right time and received an offer to return to the classroom. I have been teaching middle school or high school ever since.

After ten years as a public school educator, I needed an infusion of ideas. I yearned for a network of colleagues dedicated to improving their craft, people determined to be the best teachers possible. I wanted to surround myself with people who recognize teaching as a profession. I hoped for a support group for those really tough days. My principal and my PBL coach were instrumental in encouraging me to apply for the Kenan Fellowship. As Kenan Fellows they recognized that a Kenan Fellowship met my needs at this time in my career. Thanks Ashlie and Michelle!

The goal of my internship with the Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies Center at NC State is to use the engineering design process to develop new concepts in wearable devices that address a world health problem. Achieving this goal will require me to utilize 21st century skills, employ cross-curricular thinking, and adopt a cross-cultural approach.

THE Team

Team Najwyzszy with mentors Professors Jur and Veety. Left to right, Professor Veety, Brooke Woodard, Annie Polashock (front), yours truly (back), Peter Faulkner and Professor Jur.