Ed Foo Day 2 Continued

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Ed Foo Day 2 Continued

I used amazing twice in my last mini-post. Trust me, I did not exaggerate. The afternoon proceeded along similar lines.  Talk after talk challenged traditional thinking, built on the familiar, extended the possible and generally created one “Wow” moment after another.

A theme is emerging. Holy crap! Gee! Why didn’t I think of that? How can I use these tremendous ideas to help my students? Where were, these fantastic chocolates made?

I need at least a month to process what I have heard in the past 48 hours. Think about THAT for a minute.

Sunday Morning

Last night the sharing of ideas continued. I will return with ideas to improve our PBL implementation and ways to bridge the gap between where a student is and where they need to be to begin a project. New thoughts on classroom lighting modifications that can improve student performance and increase student buy-in. I will bring neuroscience into my Honors Biology class and hopefully create a new kind of Makers Space.

I feel transformed, empowered and jazzed. And, Ed Foo has one more day!