JoITL Vol 3, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


Implementation of Immersive Classroom Simulation Activities in a Mathematics Methods Course and a Life and Environmental Science Course
Carrie W. Lee, Tammy D. Lee, Ricky Castles, Daniel Dickerson, Holly Fales, and Christine M. Wilson

Understanding Quality Work in Mathematics: Supporting Teachers in Leading Professional Development
Wendy P. Ruchti, Cory A. Bennett, and Michelle Dunstan

Changes in Teaching Efficacy Beliefs among Elementary Preservice Teachers from a STEM-focused Program: Case Study Analysis
Margareta Maria Thomson, Daniell DiFrancesca, Sarah Carrier, Carrie Lee, and Temple A. Walkowiak

Teacher Leadership in Special Education: Exploring Skills, Roles, and Perceptions
Sylvia Bagley and Kimmie Tang

Attaining the Elusive: Efficacy, Math Education and Black and Latino Students
Gilberto Arriaza and Cesar Monterrosa


Professional Development that Changes Teaching and Improves Learning
Amy A. Germuth

Collaboration Between Scientists and Teachers Using Twitter
Kayla Norville


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