This week has been all about prepping my curriculum product – I don’t want to count the hours (but I guess I have to if I’m going to fill out my monthly activities log, don’t I?).  On Monday I met with Lisa  to discuss my progress and she gave me some great tips – like having a separate teacher notes document for each of my activities so that it’s easier for other educators to use.  I will meet with Team 7 members this evening and hopefully get some additional feedback.   I still have a great deal to do before the lessons are up to par!

The most challenging thing for me in creating these lesson plans has clearly been making sure my lessons are detailed enough for another teacher to utilize.  There are so many little details that you don’t think about when you’re implementing the lesson plan yourself.  For example, you have to provide instructions for solutions you’ve been making for years or provide purchase information for items that your school always has in stock.  The list is endless, really.

Whatever the challenges, I also feel incredibly successful for creating something worthwhile.  Peeling over your lessons with a fine-tooth comb can be a painful process but it can be a refreshing one too.  I now have a set of amazing, inquiry-based lessons that I think are relevant, engaging and authentic.  Even though it’s been a lot of work – with still a great deal more work to come before I’m finished – I’ve greatly enjoyed the process.  Rarely do teachers in the field have the time or the means to apply such a detailed lens to their teaching practice.  I thank Kenan Fellows for providing me with that opportunity.

Curriculum Product Successes and Challenges

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