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Me preparing media with Dr. Nevzorov

Today I finally started my internship with Dr. Nevzorov at NCSU.  I started by being trained on making media by Dr. Deanna Tesch, who is the pHD student I saw presenting her defense a few weeks ago.  I also took a tour of the lab, read about some different protocols and helped to set up a protein expression experiment that will be continued bright and early tomorrow morning.  Exciting!

One surprising thing is that even NCSU researchers use double beam balances!  Now I can show my students this when they complain about not being able to use the digital balances 😛

2016-07-07 10.37.32

An intern of the Nevzorov laboratory

It’s only my first day and I have learned a great deal so far.  However I hope, of course, that Dr. Nevzorov and his lab team are also being benefited by the fellowship.  My word processing skills already came in handy this morning when I helped Dr. Tesch get a PDF image into her word document!  More seriously, Dr. Tesch just received her doctorate and hopes to soon find a teaching position.  I hope to help communicate to her what things students will find easy or difficult to understand and allow her to practice her teaching skills on me.  I also hope that the Nevzorov lab will greatly benefit from my outreach efforts; with the implementation of my curriculum product and the presentations I will be giving to fellow teachers, their research reaches a wider audience.

First day on the job!

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