It is hard for me to pinpoint one particular session or event during NCCAT as being most useful or interesting. I found everything very insightful, helpful and useful. However, if I have to choose something, it would be learning more about the available tools in Google and how to use them. I have wanted to use Google tools but was unsure of how to utilize them. using Google forms can help to eliminate the use of paper and I can keep up with the information in a folder.

One of he highlights to my week at NCCAT was my learning how to access Twitter and how to tweet. This brings me one step closer to being techno-literate. My assistant principal wanted me to get a Twitter account so I can connect with other educational professionals. I can inform her of my success.

There a a few things learned that I plan to use within my classroom. Google forms, classroom and docs for sure. I want to use Google forms to conduct beginning and end of the year surveys and also as a form of assessment. I want to use Google docs as a place to store all my evidences for teacher evaluations. Mr. Rowls had quite a few interesting ideas to capture the attention of many of my students. i will surely implement some of these strategies. The games he introduced can be used as ice breakers and break points for students.

Not that it was not a good presentation, but the “Why is Culture Important?” was probably next to the bottom. I just feel that the presentation was too long to not have information that directly connected the teachers to students in the classroom. In other words, a topic like “How Culture Affects the Classroom Environment” would have probably been more interesting among the fellows.

Compared to other PD opportunities I have experienced, I must say that the week at NCCAT has been one of the most interacting and engaging. Most of the information presented was done by a variety of current teachers who actually have students or many different backgrounds. The presenters could relate to how we felt about certain situations and could offer suggestions and strategies that they presently use.




First Day with Mentor

Certificates obtained and modules complete. Shots! Shots! Shots! Who knew you needed to get a whole series of shots in order to work (or volunteer) in a hospital. Good thing I already had the chicken pox. I am immune to it. I would have had to receive that immunization as well. It’s all over and now today (June 15th) I met with my mentor. We went through the departments at the hospital we thought would compliment the subject area of math. We decided that we will explore approximately 18 departments beginning June 27. Afterwards, we toured the hospital. Amazing, the many times I have been in and out of this hospital, I did not realize the many departments within it. It is relatively a small hospital but it has been remodeled and updated. It was a very enlightening first meeting. I have great expectations.

Meeting My Mentor

May 30th I met my mentor, Krista Horne. First impressions- she is very knowledgeable and focused. We met in her office at the hospital (Vidant Duplin) to go over the logistics and overview of what will be done at the hospital.  I am sure the time I will spend with Mrs. Krista will be well worth it.

Intent for Fellowship Experience

Being a Kenan Fellow will help me build a larger network of community resources to better enable me to ensure the success of my students and become a stronger leader within my educational arena. I also feel that by the end of this program experience I will obtain more knowledge and skills to make my lessons more interactive and engaging.