“Ah-Ha” or “Light bulb” Moment

The moment a couple of my students experienced was an “Ah-Ha” moment. This stands out to me because as teachers, we are always looking for that moment (especially a struggling student) when a child makes a connection with what they are learning. You are happy to see that the student understands. Last year many of my students struggled to understand mean, median and mode, but most of my students were able to grasp it a lot quicker. I give the credit for this to the Kenan Fellows leadership and introduction to a new way of instructing.

During the presentation of my product, one of my students cried out, “I get it now”. They had such a big smile on their face. Not only was the student making the connection with math and the meter readings but they were also able to make connection and understand why the doctor asks them the same questions or why they have to do the same tests over and over again. Another student was able to understand the meaning of which measure of center is best for a given scenario.