Personal Remote Learning (PRL)

My Personal Remote Learning Plan is similar to the Professional Development Plan (PDP) that I have to create and update during the course of the school year. With both, I think with the end in mind. What do I wish to accomplish? What are my goals and how do I plan to achieve them? Even though I have to create goals for both, with the PRL through KFP, I am provided with a wide variety of options to help meet those goals.
The courses, classes, workshops, events, and etc. address different areas of opportunities for professional growth.
In completing the PRL, reflection is often made on our intent and goals. Therefore, our goals are not just goals written down, revisited and thought about only three times a year.
Collaboration is often talked about and encouraged but the opportunity is rarely provided so that can take place. Through KFP PRL, collaboration is not only encouraged, but opportunities are employed for actual peer collaboration. It only takes a few times before something becomes habitual.