Finished Product

What an experience! One of the most important things I have learned from my experience is to be prepared for anything. The night before my implementation I had to revamp, revise my whole lesson. I credit the knowledge and “know-how” I have obtained via Kenan Fellow workshops and peer communications for my preparedness and ability to adapt without “freaking-out” completely. The essential part of my lesson was unavailable (peak flow meters) and we did not find out about this unavailability until the afternoon before. My mentor was a great support and was willing to stay up with me as long as it took to ensure I was ready. Learning how to utilize a variety of tools for instruction and student demonstration proved to be a very valuable part of my learning.

On a larger scale, I would love to see the idea of my product used throughout many classrooms. Many students miss school due to asthma attacks and the lack of knowledge of how to monitor their asthma. The inclusion of my product will help students to make that connection between math and something that directly or indirectly affects them. Students will be able to REASON the math associated with the monitoring of asthma.