New Tool or Strategy

One of the biggest changes I am trying to make will hopefully make lasting impact on my students to encourage student engagement. It will also, as it is starting to, change my way of thinking for the betterment of instruction to ensure student learning. The strategy is to implement my Kenan product (and the way of teaching during the implementation) using the UBD plan model. With this model, I trying to think with the end in mind. Backwards planning is basically what it is.
I have also started playing music off and on in my room. The reason for this is because I have cooperative students yet very active and agile students. They love music and they like to move. While working, students sometimes listen to music introduced at NCCAT. I sometimes play the music as students come in, this has a tendency to put students in a better mood if they are having a bad day. For those having a good day, it just makes it a little better.