Something that will change my teaching

Throughout my internship I have gained many insights to the world of agriculture and all of the work that is involved. I have learned leadership qualities, work ethic, gained networks I wouldn’t have gained if it wasn’t for my internship and much more. One thing that I have always tried to teach my students, but never was able to really connect with them because I only had my experience at the schools to back it up is the use of 21st century skills in the workplace.

Incorporating 21st century skills into my lessons was something that I always tried to do, but after my internship it will be one of my priorities. Students need these skills to not only be successful in school, but in their future jobs as well. While implementing these skills into all lessons I will be truly relating to our schools mission of preparing students for the workplace.

My internship has also opened me up to new possibilities of connecting the community and the school to become a partnership. I believe it is extremely important to have the community involved in the education of our children and by being a Kenan Fellow it has helped me gain many new networks that will help me reach that goal.