Changes to me

During my Kenan Fellowship I have been able to grow as an educator in a number of ways and have also been able to help create more STEM opportunities at West Greene Elementary (Grade 2-3). Throughout my fellowship I have been able to look at the curriculum from a different lens, push teachers/students to try new and challenging things, helped me collaborate on a K-8 Math team and has also pushed me to get more STEM related materials inside West Greene Elementary.

The biggest change has been the implementation of the K-8 math team. During our first few weeks as Kenan Fellows our cohort from Greene County discussed creating a math team for the county. This discussion led into the creation of the district wide K-8 math team where we meet monthly to increase math instruction. This group has helped the cohort and myself become vocal leaders throughout the county on math and hopefully has also helped us increase math achievement in the whole county.

While STEM education is big in Greene County we always feel as it can grow and become even more powerful. This thought process has helped me collaborate with my cohort, county leaders and other educators on ways to increase our STEM program. Right now we are in the process of developing a plan for the future and we are really excited about what the future holds.

Overall my Kenan Fellowship has allowed me to grow as an individual and professional as well as a leader in Greene County.

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