The Impact of Kenan Fellows

Throughout this year as a Kenan Fellow I have seen myself grow in many ways due to the commitments of the Kenan Fellows program. I have learned to connect content to real life material more effectively, become more of a leader throughout the district and even had to work on public speaking. The biggest impact that Kenan Fellows had on me was the push to implement a K-8 District Wide Math Team.

Without Kenan Fellows this team would not have been created and we would not have seen the growth in math that we have. Kenan Fellows pushed my cohort team members and myself to meet regularly and collaborate with other educators in the district through our math team. This has been an amazing process and one that we plan on continuing in the future.

I would absolutely recommend this program to any educator out there that would like to increase their effectiveness as a teacher, increase their networking and increase their love for teaching. This program has been a great influence on me and one that I am forever thankful for.

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