The end of my Blog

I firmly believe that reflection is one of the most important skills an educator can poses and one that has certainly helped me grow. My love for reflection was born during my Masters degree and one that I will continue for my career as an educator. I do not believe this particular blog will be one that I will continue just because of time commitments. Once my life settles down some I may be able to start using the blog again, but during this time it is not possible. I want to thank Kenan Fellows for pushing me to use this blog and for helping me reflect during my internship. I believe this is a valuable tool for all Kenan Fellows and I look forward to reading more of them in the future. Thank you Kenan Fellows program for all of your help/support.

The Impact of Kenan Fellows

Throughout this year as a Kenan Fellow I have seen myself grow in many ways due to the commitments of the Kenan Fellows program. I have learned to connect content to real life material more effectively, become more of a leader throughout the district and even had to work on public speaking. The biggest impact that Kenan Fellows had on me was the push to implement a K-8 District Wide Math Team.

Without Kenan Fellows this team would not have been created and we would not have seen the growth in math that we have. Kenan Fellows pushed my cohort team members and myself to meet regularly and collaborate with other educators in the district through our math team. This has been an amazing process and one that we plan on continuing in the future.

I would absolutely recommend this program to any educator out there that would like to increase their effectiveness as a teacher, increase their networking and increase their love for teaching. This program has been a great influence on me and one that I am forever thankful for.

Finished Product

The process used to create our finished product was a methodical one with many steps along the way. In doing so this allowed for our products to be perfected so that they can challenge and engage our students in the best possible way. Though, it was challenging at times and a lot of work our overall products will help benefit not only our students, but also students in our school as well as teachers who read them through the Kenan Fellows webpage.

I would love to see this process used when creating lessons on major topics that students need. Each grade level has specific topics that students struggle on and if we could come together as a school and create a lesson on those specific topics just like we did with our products I could see those topics going from a concern to one of the better topics our students know. It takes a team to perfect lessons just like we have seen through this process and our schools need to rally around that idea and work together to perfect specific lessons.

Below is a picture of the rainfall level in Snow Hill, NC. The numbers from the chart are used during math lessons throughout the school to help relate the content.