The light bulb comes on

While working with teachers after observations I always give at least one thing to work on and try to implement into their daily lessons. One common suggestion is to connect the lesson to real world applications. One particular moment that sticks out to me is after a lesson on money was taught. The teacher did a great job introducing the lesson and going over the objective for the lesson, but she missed a huge teachable moment. Money is everywhere and our students need to be able to discuss why it is important to know how to count money. Future jobs may require them to, when buying things from the store, when getting change from an order and much more. After suggesting this to the teacher I have done many walkthroughs in her classroom and every time the students can answer why they are learning new material. This was an exciting moment for myself because I could see how important that was for the teacher to learn. Moments like these make our jobs as educators so fulfilling.