Finished Product

The process used to create our finished product was a methodical one with many steps along the way. In doing so this allowed for our products to be perfected so that they can challenge and engage our students in the best possible way. Though, it was challenging at times and a lot of work our overall products will help benefit not only our students, but also students in our school as well as teachers who read them through the Kenan Fellows webpage.

I would love to see this process used when creating lessons on major topics that students need. Each grade level has specific topics that students struggle on and if we could come together as a school and create a lesson on those specific topics just like we did with our products I could see those topics going from a concern to one of the better topics our students know. It takes a team to perfect lessons just like we have seen through this process and our schools need to rally around that idea and work together to perfect specific lessons.

Below is a picture of the rainfall level in Snow Hill, NC. The numbers from the chart are used during math lessons throughout the school to help relate the content.

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