Ant Girl

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  My relationship with my mentors has been quite possibly the most valuable part of the Kenan experience. When I met DeAnna and Magda, I remember being amazed at two things: The fact that they were normal cool people who had normal lives. Like teachers, scientists often get put in a box by people who don’t know them. As a… Read more »

Of BugFest and Boys

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This weekend, my students and I attended the 20th annual BugFest at the Museum of Natural Science, where I did my internship this summer. I knew that BugFest would be a great event for the boys, but I had no Idea how much I’d be impressed by their enthusiasm for teaching the public about ants. Six weeks ago when we started… Read more »

Hey, Why Are You a Teacher Anyway?

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This is not one of my required Kenan blogs, but I’m feeling inspired and don’t have anywhere else to write these things right now. Currently I am in my second week of school staying busy and loving life. During my second period planning block, three high school students take an online calculus class. They work in the library which doubles… Read more »

Pack Your Suitcase Full

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When I worked at a summer camp during college, we always used to throw around the phrase “pack your suitcase full” when encouraging campers to spend their days forming relationships and developing skills that they could take with them when camp ended. In a lot of ways, I have felt like a kid at summer camp during my time at the… Read more »

Formica Frenzy

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Each Friday at the museum, we have “Lunch with Liz,” a two hour period in which the 12 teachers participating in the Students Discover program meet with Liz Baird, the Chief of School and Lifelong Education for the Museum of Natural Sciences. For the past two weeks, I have been impressed with the way that Liz can just rattle off… Read more »

Polygerus, Formica, and Strumigenys – Oh My!

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Before I started this experience I honestly didn’t care much about ants. I didn’t really even know that there were many types outside of red ones (avoid these) and black ones. However, after meeting my scientists and learning more about the great diversity of ant species, they’re growing on me just like the fungal pathogens growing on my petri dish… Read more »

No Fake No Fear

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A week ago at this time, I had just returned from my first ever white water rafting trip and was feeling proud, accomplished, and exhausted. Throughout my rafting excursion down the 45 degree Nantahala River, the words of the previous day’s very charismatic presenter stuck with me. NO FAKE. NO FEAR.  Leading up to our group chanting these words in unison,… Read more »

Teaching & Plearning

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The first principal I had as a teacher began every day at school with announcements over our unbelievably loud (once it was so loud that the speaker fell off the wall) intercom system: “Happy MARVELOUS MONDAY (or similar weekday alliteration) Trojan Land, it’s another day of teaching and plearning!” At first, I thought I misheard the announcements every single day,… Read more »