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No Fake No Fear

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A week ago at this time, I had just returned from my first ever white water rafting trip and was feeling proud, accomplished, and exhausted.¬†Throughout my rafting excursion down the 45 degree Nantahala River, the words of the previous day’s very charismatic presenter stuck with me. NO FAKE. NO FEAR.¬† Leading up to our group chanting these words in unison,… Read more »

Teaching & Plearning

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The first principal I had as a teacher began every day at school with announcements over our unbelievably loud (once it was so loud that the speaker fell off the wall) intercom system: “Happy MARVELOUS MONDAY (or similar weekday alliteration) Trojan Land, it’s another day of teaching and plearning!” At first, I thought I misheard the announcements every single day,… Read more »