Describe at least one way you can connect your summer internship experience to your classroom curriculum.

While going through this internship experience, I believe that I have come up with a number of ways to use my experience.  For one, I have written my lesson plans around the subject that I teach.  I will use the temperature or energy harvesting sensors to add to my greenhouse.  I will harvest the energy coming from the sun to show students how this can be done.

You are creating a product that transfers your internship experience into educational resources. Please describe the challenges and successes you are experiencing.

I was member of Team 5.  We ultimately developed a UV sun hat.  This was a product that took on various challenges which include the researching of the benefits of one aspect of the product and another problem dealt with getting the sensor light to work in various conditions in the sunlight.  As we kept trying to get it to work, we came upon programming issues as well.  But, we finally got this product to work and it turned out to be a success.