“About My Fellowship”


  • List where you teach: I teach at Longview Alternative School in Raleigh
  • What you teach:  I teach Horticulture I, II and Exploring Ag.
  • How long have you have been teaching.  I have been teaching 10 year
  • Why you wanted to become a Kenan Fellow? I wanted to become a Kenan Fellow to improve my teaching and to help me network as an educator.  Also, to receive the resources that are offered through this program.  The goal is to become a better educator and to be recognized as such.

Describe the goals of your internship as they relate to your work as an educator

When I initially received the internship I had thought that the area of the internship would match what I teach as an educator.  Once, I saw that I was in an area that was outside my comfort zone ( a bit), I started to question myself about actually if they had made a mistake in the process.  As I attended the initial sessions, I soon realized that that the internship was put together to help broaden the desired effects of the finished product which is a wearable device.  Then, as we broke up into teams, I then further realized that as individual we had some great ideas that  each of us had to be sound boards and ultimately develop a product.

Now, my goal as an educator – I can now relate what I am doing in the my team to goals that I will develop for my students wearable device project.  Whether it be a Arduino or Lily Pad project – this whole process will help me develop a winning plan.

Describe the highlight of your week at NCCAT and why it was important to you.

The highlight of my week at NCCAT was the session Twitter and my PLN.

  • How do you plan to implement something you learned at NCCAT in your classroom? I am planning on having my students to set up their own twitter account and then use these accounts to document and communicate back with my students.
  • Which session was your least favorite? Why culture matters was probably my least favorite.  Why? Even thought I enjoyed the session, I felt that this session was going to be more personalized to North Carolina students and I thought it was going to entail more solutions on how we as teachers would work with the various cultures.  She did go over this, but I thought it could have been deeper.
  • How has the week at NCCAT compared with other PD opportunities you have attended?  The week at NCCAT was very intense.  I don’t remember PD sessions in the past that presented such intensity.  There were alot of sessions and workshop that provided quite abit of information.
  • Which session did you find most useful and why? The session on Marketing yourself as an educator.  In the past, I have thought back on situation in which I did not market my agriculture program.  I could have done a better job showing what I have done and presented pictures to support the success of my program.


Patrick Faulkner                                                                                                                     Kenan Fellow 2016

What do you hope to gain from your fellowship experience?

What do you hope to gain from your fellowship experience? I hope to gain information that will help me as a teacher to grow as a professional.

  • Describe how being a Kenan Fellow could elevate your teaching career.  It could elevate my teaching career by helping me to become a leader in my school and community.
  • Give examples of how being a Kenan Fellow could improve your skills as a teacher and as a leader in your school and community.  It provides resources, gives me access to a group of leaders in the classroom and to companies.