Describe one new tool or strategy that I have implemented.

You are six weeks into the school year.  Describe one new tool or strategy you have implemented.  One new strategy that I have implemented is the use of  student selected project based learning projects.

  • How and why you are using it?  I am using this in my class as a way to have students earn a grade based on the project completed.
  • What impact is it having on you and your students? The students are now leading the way and taking ownership of their assignments and their projects.

Describe something that you’ve learned as a result of your fellowship

 Describe something that you’ve learned as a result of your fellowship that will change how you teach this year.

I have learned to adjust my teaching style to one in-which I have some students being co-instructors leading the presentations or hands on supervised agriculture experience project.

  • How did this experience change your outlook as an educator? This experience helped to broaden my outlook as an educator.  I was sharpened by the wealth of presentations and tools to use in my classroom.
  • Did it open you up to new possibilities? Please list some of those possibilities.  Yes, I opened up to the possibility of my alternative students getting a chance to compete in the one health competition.
  • What will you do differently as an educator? I allow my students to lead and take ownership of projects.
  • Did it affirm any ideals that you may have already had? If so, how so?  Yes, because sometimes as an educator, we get stuck in thinking that we need to present everything or do everything.