What does the partnership mean to me?

The Kenan Fellow/Mentor partnership is the foundation of our program.

What does this partnership mean to you?

This partnership has helped me to gain connections with people who I did not know.  I have met people and companies who are on the cutting edge to technology and research.

  • Did you work with a single mentor or multiple professionals? I worked with multiple professionals from Dr. Veety and Dr. Jur to others at NC State who have helped me in my quest in being a Kenan Fellow.
  • Describe a time when your mentor helped you understand something or helped you have an “ah-ha” moment.  During my internship, Dr. Vetty and Dr. Jur helped me to understand the process of conceptualizing what I and my team wanted to do with starting our project.
  • Discuss the working relationship between you and your mentor. Did you work side-by-side? Did he/she allow you to work on your own? It was a combination of both of these scenario, they allowed me to work independently and in some cases I worked with my team and by myself.
  • What do you consider to be the lasting impact of this relationship? The lasting impact is the connections I have made and the resources that I have utilized not only in my classroom but even in my own household.
  • Do you plan to work together after the fellowship ends? Yes, I plan on using my mentors and the connections made to further educating my students and myself.