Describe the goals of your internship as they relate to your work as an educator

When I initially received the internship I had thought that the area of the internship would match what I teach as an educator.  Once, I saw that I was in an area that was outside my comfort zone ( a bit), I started to question myself about actually if they had made a mistake in the process.  As I attended the initial sessions, I soon realized that that the internship was put together to help broaden the desired effects of the finished product which is a wearable device.  Then, as we broke up into teams, I then further realized that as individual we had some great ideas that  each of us had to be sound boards and ultimately develop a product.

Now, my goal as an educator – I can now relate what I am doing in the my team to goals that I will develop for my students wearable device project.  Whether it be a Arduino or Lily Pad project – this whole process will help me develop a winning plan.