John and Jane Hardin champion KFP’s efforts to connect K-12 education and STEM career pathways

John and Jane Hardin’s generous donation started an endowment for KFP.

The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership (KFP) is gearing up for NC State’s Day of Giving on Wednesday, March 22. This 24-hour online fundraising event is an opportunity for the Wolfpack community to band together and show their support for the university through the #GivingPack campaign.

KFP has been fortunate to receive a substantial gift from John Hardin and his wife, Jane Hardin, to establish an endowment. John Hardin is the executive director for N.C. Board of Science, Technology & Innovation, which is staffed by the Office of Science, Technology & Innovation in the N.C. Department of Commerce. He is also the former chair of the KFP Board of Advisors.

Through their generous donation, the Hardins are empowering teachers to build strong ties between their school communities and local industries, paving the way for students to pursue promising career pathways. Their support has already made a significant impact on the program, providing teachers with the confidence and skills they need to form partnerships that prepare the next generation for success.

In the statement below, John and Jane Hardin generously share their reasons for giving to KFP.

Investing in K-12 STEM Education: A Statement from John and Jane Hardin

Jane and I have supported KFP for several years because we recognize the importance of K-12 education, particularly STEM, for improving the economic well-being and quality of life of North Carolinians. The North Carolina Board of Science, Technology & Innovation has demonstrated, through an analysis of more than 10 years of data across all 50 U.S. states, that one of the biggest determinants of a state’s economic vitality is the degree to which its population has post-secondary educational attainment and is working in science & engineering occupations.

We know that North Carolina can achieve those high levels only with the leadership of well-qualified teachers. By crafting sustainable educational resources through novel partnerships among teachers, students, and industry, KFP has been able to scale its innovations to serve more of the state. And by helping provide KFP with the resources it needs to be innovative, we hope to help KFP continue to develop and implement district and regional initiatives that connect K-12 education to regional career pathways and transform student learning.

Ready to join John and Jane Hardin in #GivingPack? Please consider supporting Kenan Fellows on Day of Giving.