10 Easy Steps for Starting a S.T.E.M. Club

Have you ever wondered how we can introduce elementary students to as much STEM curriculum as possible? Do you wish you could get help from the outside world? As a 5th grade teacher interested in preparing my students for their future, the idea of participating in the Kenan Fellows Program was incredibly appealing to me. I was looking for ways to professionally advance as well as learn new techniques for reaching today’s tech savvy generation. My year as a Kenan Fellow has helped me create a plan to do just that. By combining modules created by IBM in addition to collecting school-centric activities, I have created a curriculum to walk even the most hesitant educator through hosting a STEM club at their school. Not only will your students develop collaboration and problem solving skills through learning the design thinking process, but they will also learn to approach the solving of globally relevant problems from a STEM lens. In addition to the resources provided through my internship at IBM, I have curated a collection of lessons from fellow educators that will help you run a successful STEM club.

Author: Megan Peterson

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