Accessibility of careers in healthcare, an investigation

A 2013 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that 70% workers who had recently graduated high school were making at or below minimum wage. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing in the United States, and offers competitive pay for entry level positions. Through this unit, students will explore potential entry level careers in healthcare in Eastern NC hospitals. Additionally, students will research the level of education necessary to attain one of these entry level positions, and perform a cost benefit analysis of investment in education to increased pay. Using a media of their choice, students will explain their evaluations of the relative costs and benefits in regard to education and a career in healthcare.

Students will conduct independent structured research to assess the viability of various occupations within major area hospitals. Students will then align their profession of research with a local educational institution and perform a cost benefit analysis of perusing further education.

Most classroom sessions will consist of research, documentation, analysis and product creation that will demonstrate the students understanding and evaluation of careers in healthcare.

Author: David Roach

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