Designing and Analyzing Data Collected from Wearable Devices to Solve Problems in Health Care

Have you ever wondered how clothing and other items you wear; such as a watch, shirt, coat, shoes, hat, and much more could save you or a love one’s life?

As humans, we are faced with many potential health risks in our society, which is why billions of dollars are poured into research centered on health care.  The question remains, could research and the development of technology be used to improve our health care?  If so, how can we design and program wearable devices to collect data; from such innovative developments; to make further advancements and preventative measures in healthcare.

This lesson was designed to make students aware of the health issues in our society and how wearable devices are being used to solve these health challenges.  The tasks in the lessons are open-ended and are designed to have multiple approaches.  With that in mind, the students are to learn how to use prior knowledge, critical thinking, and problem solving skills to make sense of the lesson’s task mathematically.  They are encouraged to be risk takers and innovators, which is what engineers, scientist, and researchers use to make such strides in improving our health care system.

Author: Sherri Pickney

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